The Petrochemicals Department covers chemical products from refineries, petrochemical complex, and coke ovens including C2, C3, C4, C5, Benzene, Styrene Monomer, Phenol Chain, Acetyl Chain, Methanol Derivatives, Melamine and other solvents.

Our business activity is not only regional but also ‘tolling’ type sales, purchase and the movement of products from other regions to Europe. In addition, we are looking at investments. 

One of our current subsidiaries is Summit Petrochemicals Trading Inc. (SPTI), a company located in the US and 100% owned by Sumitomo Corporation Group. It trades in Olefins, Benzene and Styrene Monomer.

Currently, we also participate in CCS in China (CEPSA Chemical China), a manufacturing company for Cumene, Phenol, and Acetone. A plant which will produce Phenol : 250Kt/year will be completed and on stream in Q4, 2014.